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>> on the motion for this item - so move the commissioners. so commissioner given that i do want to ask if the commissioners feel okay to move forward with 5 members of the commissioner >> well based upon what i've heard in asking for continuance i don't see a basis, however, in a project of this size i think it would be better to have a full commissioner but i would entertain the remarks from the other commissioners. >> said agree with what
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commissioner just presented i think the not going forwards of this project i feel it would be better served to have a full commission. >> is there a motion. >> well with respect to this first item from the city attorney's office but that could result in a continuance or not i don't know. unless there's a compelling argument to continue it i think 5 can make a decision as well as 5 for that matter
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>> commissioner moore. >> i'm happy to continue. >> i have to admit i am reluctant to go forward because the burden is on us. i believe that a project of this size it's a question of principle should have many commissioners present because we have the largest number of opinions on the subject manner >> commissioner anthony and in that regards to that question that the certification of an e i r which would be brother us in those important projects we need
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more votes so it's more important practically is 10 years that have gone into this project. i think it's only fair to the project sponsors and i'm prepared to vote on it today and hear it today but i think there is a sentiment it should be continued because it's a very important project. we need a larger commission to go forward with this. commissioner borden >> here's what i'm not - i mean members of the public probably don't know we're not allowed to speak outside this quorum. peope
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want. i don't think we're clear on that. now by letting the audience know on the one hand on moving forward on this item sometime needs to clearly state their opinion and i could weigh in and this is sort of new information and i tend to think that i would rather have president fong here to hear the item and so there's a full consideration of the commission >> move to continue with the preference not more than 2 weeks if the calendar for the next two
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weeks are open. >> commissioners we may continue at your pleasure the calendars are light on the fourteenth. i would recommend that because your continuing on item 14. is there any comment on the continuance. did anybody second it? >> sierra club and i just want to say thank you please continue this. this will give me an opportunity to get ahold of the e i r. i would be thrilled and i hope i am as lucky as i am today and i hope i'm not working so i can
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come. thank you >> commissioner steve. on behalf of the project desire we request that the time be short as possible. thank you >> i'm not sure there was a second but i think as quickly as possible. >> i think if it hasn't been seconded i would second it. >> it has been seconded. commissioners then on the motion to continue items 12 and 13 a and b to january 31st.
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>> i vote i but i don't want to get into another fight about the date being too shorty think the 31st is fine. there was some earlier comment about it having to be two weeks because it's a major project but i'll vote on it >> so move the commissioners that vote passes 5 to zero. commissioners that will place you under items fourteen a, b, and c x c and v for 1321 mission street request for determination of appliance.
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>> good afternoon commissioners planning department staff. the question before you is for requests for the projects within the downtown area plan and the downtown planning zoning district. is project proposes the demolition of the old building and a new building containing 3 thousand 3 hundred square feet of ground floor space. it will have student housing projects. and the remainder will have other units that could be converted to areas for stunt.
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it would include bicycle parking spaces in the basement. first, i want to touch on the regulation policies. the granting of sections the code permits that the project meets certain finding. the reduction of ground level wind areas. and that it is in your packet. i would be happy to discuss any of those issues. the project also requires to exceed the - allows more stunt
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unit for a minimum of - again, i would be happy to discuss the project and the staff requests that this is because of project for student housing. and variances from section 1 to have exposure on the courtyard. and to allow access to the washburn street and to allow are you e reduction of the areas around the street.
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it is also worth noting if the principle of law of this project would allow other units. as you recall legislation was passed that it was to be tracked this project. it concludes 1 hundred and 20 units. since they would like to allocate all the units and the project could be flexly. the students rely on bicycling in the area.
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and aside from the variance the department has received letters of support and the central market benefit district and the california college of the arts. the department has received other letters. thank you. thank you project sponsor. we have our slide show?
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>> you can start it. good afternoon commissioners my name is patrick kennedy and i'm the project sponsor. i'm pleased to be here today, the first qualified student project in san francisco. i've been involved in berkeley and have built 5 hundred units plus in berkeley. the project in the upper left-hand side of the scene was from a downtown project since
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world war ii. in 2007 i sold the portfolio of the buildings and decided to develop housing and specifically student housing in san francisco. i did quite a bit of research about the market in san francisco and with the help of the san francisco housing action coalition was able to learn that there about 65 thousand full-time students in san francisco of which only 11 thousand have sponsors in student housing and that leaves 56 thousand student that don't have the principle. the project at 1321 mission will have a hundred and 60 units of
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which 120 a micro parents and other suits they can accommodate up to 5 hundred students. we have been working on small unit design in the last 5 years and we've adopted the design method loosen of the gold i didn't locks and the 3 bears. we have built larger units which were too big. and have built this project at 37 harriet street which we think is about the right size for living. the unit we are proposing for 31
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mission street which will be occupied by cc a are here. katie you need to go that way. they are - with kitchens and cook tops individual bathrooms and tubes. large bay windows and good storage. it's 1 hundred percent car free. it will have a city car share car in the buildingndn t life of a sea this allows our courtyard to be in the area where there's maximum lighting.
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and again, there is common shared open spaces for all. with exceptional views the landscape roof has been made to be available for everyone and it includes a barbecue area and a small stage for presentations and a garden. we have an overhead area that can be used all year round. again, this is what the roof could look like. we are also working in the san
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francisco design studio who was well known for their concepts. and we'll be back again to the council to present more. we have decided to locate the public art along here and in the great traegs of san francisco murals we've got a mural of the market and it's rendered in the code. in closing we want to say we
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welcome any questions >> thank you. opening it up for public comment i have one card for james wers southern >> good afternoon commission chair 134 east and the other commissioners. i'm here - my name is jamming weser i'm from a law firm and we're attorneys for the music american federation of musicians whose main office is located adjacent to this subject project. the unions concern warped to the project is quite narrow it is concerned with the impact of the construction as to the unions
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recommendation of its members. as is project goes forward we believe that the impact of the construction will be very significant. the must insurance company represents 17 hundred musicians in the greatest area and those musicians play for the san francis francisco. there should be no doubt that during the construction there will be union office operations meeting and so forth the union has some very specific and unique functions that it carries out in the representation of its
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members. those functions are offering record studios and facilities for their members. those operations are going to be impacted during the construction. the union has been working with the project sponsor with a number of months now. we've exchanged information and unfortunately as of today, we just have not completed a arrangements and agreements that the - and so as a result we're
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here to request that it be made principle of law that the project sponsors take responsibility of the relocation and disruption to its functions to its operations particularly with regard to the noise and that's going to have on rehearsal and recording functions >> thank you tim collin and david nickel. >> good afternoon tim collin. our members be looked at this project last year and i have to say it embodies everything we approve of in urban development
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but in particular we're excited particularly excited because this is the cities first step in hopefully, will be many more projects to come before you called student housing something patrick showed you earlier w in short seventy. we hope this is track attention and it will

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